Bilingual we become...



lucca Lucca

nursery school

grosseto Grosseto

lucca Lucca

massa Massa

from 4 months to 5 years



grosseto Grosseto

lucca Lucca

massa Massa

from 6 to 10 years



lucca Lucca

from 11 to 14 years


lucca Lucca

from 14 to 17 years

From our 40 years of experience in education, we have created our new bilingual schools.

The fact you have gone onto this website suggests you are probably looking for a special alternative to the “standard” education offered by the State.

It is also very probable that you see investing in education as the best gift any parent can give their children.

With our educative project of bilingual schools, we wish to become the ideal partner of those who share these ideals and objectives, accompanying families and students in a developing course rich in experiences, creativity and satisfaction.

We have been involved in teaching and education since 1977. And to mark our 40 years we have decided, through this new website, to offer the opportunity of entering into contact with a new, unique educative project capable of putting together the strength of the traditional Italian school, the necessary innovations in teaching methods and stimulating the students with the development of excellent linguistic skills, today essential tools for socialization, knowledge and professionalism.

WELCOME TO OUR SCHOOLS - #bilingualwebecome

Our seats

Seat in Lucca
Viale S. Concordio 81
55100 Lucca
Seat in Massa
Via Marina Vecchia 72
54100 Massa
Sede di Grosseto
Via Saffi 15
58100 Grosseto