Continuity Project

Continuity Project

The transition from Pre-School to Primary School can be one of the most significant changes your child experiences. Our “Continuity Project” is a transition program for children in Pre-School entering Primary School the following year. Our “Continuity Project” aims to foster a smooth transition through regularly organised activities and shared projects with a teacher from our Primary School during school hours.

Our teaching staff, both in our Pre-School and Primary School, collaborate to create a welcoming, friendly atmosphere through play and structured activities.

This educational project allows a comfortable progression from one level to another, eliminating uneasiness and difficulties, for both children and families

Our “Continuity Project” is aimed at helping families manage the leap from Pre-School to Primary School by making the transition gradual, comfortable and stimulating.

Our Continuity Project – Pre-School/Primary School

The “Continuity Project” is held two times a month from January to April. One lesson a month adheres to a more formal approach using an exercise book for writing and drawing. Children participate in activities which are aimed to prepare them for reading, writing and counting.

The second lesson every month is devoted to a creative approach aimed at developing linguistic and social skills. For example, children listen to a story read by the teacher and then the children retell the story and draw it in sequence, or perhaps perform it, which enables the children to cultivate linguistic, temporal-spatial and logic skills as well as creative skills.


Our aim is to nurture the personality and skills of your child by preparing engaging activities, based on work-play. It is our endeavour to foster your child’s enthusiasm and desire to learn new things.

Through our “Continuity Project”, Pre-School children become familiar with the more “formal” aspects to routines experienced in Primary School. Minor routines such as organising exercise books and school materials, or using the interactive white board, will assist in preparing them well for their next step.