Pedagogical Policy

Pedagogical Policy

With large premises and over 1500 sq m of garden, the Crèche and  nursery School, authorized by the Municipality of Lucca are opened to children from the age of six months to three years and three to six years respectively.

Our "Il Cucciolo" Crèche offers daily, continuous attendance in the hands of our professional, experienced staff, dedicated to the development and growth of young children. As we strongly believe in the importance of “growing up” with a second language, from a very early age, our English Mother-tongue and bilingual teachers are present from the start. Crèche offers various activities during the week in the English language, continuing with more hours at Nursery school through to Primary, where children do 50% of school activities in English.

Special care and importance is given to the furnishing of our various workrooms, corners and specific play areas, allowing the children to play and learn in maximum safety. It is also possible for parents to observe their child at any time through “special windows” without disturbing their activities. 

Our Pedagogical policy at Crèche is based on the John Dewey Method:"we learn what we live", which is centred on the child’s individuality, independence and capacity to learn from manual-creative experience.

We regularly organise collective and individual meetings and workshops between parents and teachers, as we firmly believe in building a strong relationship of trust and involvement with the family.