Bilingual Nursery School

Bilingual Nursery School

Our nursery school “Il Cucciolo” is a constantly evolving institution, dedicated to the care and development of infants. Our private nursery school has been recognized since 2007 as being equivalent to the national State nursery school and allows families to take advantage of the annual economic reductions offered by the Municipality.

“Il Cucciolo”  was created to educate young children in a stimulating environment, where each individual can develop their potential capacities, through various experiences.

The classrooms and play areas have been carefully structured and furnished to create specific ambiences pertinent to particular functions, putting the development of the child’s physical, social and educational skills in first place.

The classrooms are structured in a serious of corners/areas, supplied with materials and objects relevant to the various activities: corners for dressing-up, creative play, reading and areas with tables and chairs for sitting-down activities.

There are also rooms for art and handwork, physical activities, sleeping area and dining-room.

The school accepts infants from 30 months to 6 years of age.