FAQ - Frequently asked questions

FAQ - Frequently asked questions

Is the diploma issued by LIQ recognized by the Italian State?

Yes, LIQ is a private school. At the end of the school course our students are required to take the State exam as every other student attending a conventional State school, and will receive a diploma recognized on a national and international level.

After having attended the first two years in a different school, can I enroll in a third or fourth year at LIQ?

No, according to decreto Fedeli (Ministerial Decreee 567 , 3 August 2017 – students are not allowed to enter the third and fourth year at LIQ after attending year one and two at a State school.

Does LIQ offer a less concentrated school course ?

No, the programme of the four-year LIQ course is the same as that of a five-year State school course, as is the final State exam. Therefore there are no cuts in the school programme but a specific and innovative inter-disciplinary didactic is used which allows the achievement of the Ministerial objectives in four years instead of five.

Are the lessons in the English language?

No, lessons are in Italian as is the State exam which the students have to sit in Italian but there  are several modules in English for subjects such as history, science and history of art. Besides, four hours of English are compulsory  (an economic subject like economy entirely taught in English) and also many projects are in English.

How much is the fee?

The price of the fee can change according to the various grants and according to the extra-curricula activities required by the students. The pertinent information regarding fees is supplied on appointment at our school or during Open Days.

Is it possible to take the International Baccalaureate at LIQ?

Currently it is not possible to take the IB at LIQ as the private school course is parallel to the Italian State one.