The International Middle School not only represents a natural follow-on to the bilingual or International Primary School but also offers the start of an International course that can continue with High School, working alongside the “traditional” ones. 

Innovative methods, variety of subjects, innovative didactic, modern tools are added to the school’s strong international imprint, allowing students not only to develop skills but also to develop their personality and open their minds.

The International Middle School gives central place to the pupil and to his/her complete training.

Our objectives are:

•    Promote physical-emotive wellbeing of the pupil through a social and emotive education with particular attention to the problems of this age group;
•    Foster a study method rather than simply imparting information to the pupils;
•    Develop social skills, based on respect and individual rights;
•    Develop creative potential and judgment allowing the pupils to be more responsible and aware of diversity;
•     Create individual, group and interdisciplinary work to better understand reality from different points of view, to overcome personal prejudices;
•    Didactic courses to allow pupils to reach the required level;
•    Help pupils in their choice of study courses after completing the International middle school.


•    Each classroom is supplied with a 55’touch monitor for multimedia lessons.
•    Tablets for group work or coding, IT.
•    VR apps on Smartphones.
•    Language and IT laboratories.
•    Chemistry, Natural Sciences and Physics labs with movable desks.