Educational Policy

Educational Policy

“Il Cucciolo” is in a constant phase of progressive growth and renewal both in terms of childcare and development, and its continual dedication to ongoing staff training.

Our private nursery school fulfills the requirements of the State system and is fully recognized with Ministerial Decree 27/11/2007, n. 12, as being part of the National public nursery school network.

The school offers a superior quality bilingual education combined with flexible hours to meet the needs of families. The scholastic environment promotes and stimulates young learners through individual learning experiences to optimize their capabilities and knowledge.

The acquisition of the English language is learned in a natural, playful approach under the supervision of our native English teachers.

Our educational policy is based on the theory of pedagogist and philosopher John Dewey, “we learn what we live,” implying that all students are unique learners, who learn best in natural social settings driven by student interest and the use of manual and creative learning experiences.

Our primary objective is to offer a friendly and inviting environment, where the classroom setting is developmentally appropriate to young learners, permitting the child’s intelligence and curiosity to develop naturally.

The child is the protagonist in our didactic project, giving him/her the opportunity to take the initiative in the learning situation.

“Il Cucciolo” welcomes children who have already turned three before April 30th and we propose the following objectives and criteria for a school of excellence and prestige:

  • A calm, well-balanced and refined environment which caters to both the psycho-physical and social development of the child.
  • Experienced and qualified teaching staff to guarantee a stable and inviting environment
  • Application of innovative and well-structured educational methods
  • Parent participation and conferences in the school community.

Our method, shared by our staff and embodied by their teaching practices, sees the potential within each child, and accompanies them on their learning journey, where he or she is free to express him or herself, leaving a prominent mark of their individuality not only within the classroom, but also among their teachers and fellow classmates.