Innovation and qualities

Innovation and qualities


Our school is based on CODING, giving our students methods and techniques to solve complex problems in general. Coding is the best solution for this purpose. Our school offers tools and the correct training to employ coding during TEACHER-LED ACTIVITES in Maths.


Innovation in the didactic field represents a further incentive for our students, who together with their teachers, can deepen the relevant issues during the lessons with the aim of boosting and strengthening school competences. In the four weekly afternoon lessons, Fridays excluded, students are required to work individually or in groups under the supervision of their teachers. 


Especially in this age group, we believe that the development of a pupil’s personality is also based on the individual’s personal, social and leisure interests. Therefore, the didactic will be structured on a precise homework policy shared by all the teachers. This policy foresees that all the homework must be given out well in advance so that the pupils are sufficiently motivated and able to organize their study/leisure time.


The sense of belonging of this particular age group represents a primary need, therefore school must become one of the focal points in the pupil’s life both for the relations with their peers and with their teachers. Wearing a school uniform underlines the importance of belonging to a particular group, sharing the same features, studies and interests.


In our 40 years of school experience, we have witnessed a great change among adolescents, who have increasingly less tools to face a continuously changing world. School must – along with families- continue to supply these precious tools, therefore a fortnightly lesson, incorporated in the school timetable  is held by experts.  The lessons will be focused on these transversal matters which vary from self-awareness, ethics and regulations.