“Il Cucciolo” Crèche is a social-educative structure for children, authorized by the Municipality of Lucca with more than 10 years of experience in caring for young children. It is a place where the young can develop their individuality while respecting their natural learning processes.

The Crèche is one of the first environments outside the home where children experience sharing, socialization and make new discoveries. 
As the interiors of the areas the children occupy are fundamentally important, they must be designed to offer instructive stimuli as well as being welcoming, warm and rich in opportunities for discovery and play. 

It is possible for a child to start Crèche throughout the whole year, depending on the number of available places. Each case is considered individually, with the parent remaining with the child for the first days and successively in accordance with the teacher.

The aim of the Crèche is to offer a quality, professional service in a carefully created, organized environment where through experiences the child can develop his/her capacities and abilities. The Planning is established after a period of reciprocal understanding of a group of children. It is characterized by the evaluation of an underlying theme which can also be narrative and capable of orienting play according to the pre-arranged objectives.

The programme is centred on experiences, keeping in mind discovery and wonder to gratify the children and involve them emotionally, as well as nurturing a sense of beauty, care and self-esteem.

The Crèche organizes small groups, in which children are placed depending on their psycho-physical development, motor-affective needs and age group:

•    4 - 12 months (piccoli).
•    13 - 23 months (medi).
•    24 - 36 months (grandi).

Each group can be made up of 6/10 children attending, respecting the child/teacher ratio. The Crèche day is marked by routine, to which we give great importance, as it offers opportunities to develop autonomy, affective consolidation between child/teacher and individual care.