Il liceo

Il liceo

A school with a European touch to give our students new opportunities.

Liceo Internazionale Quadriennale, authorized by the Ministerial Decree 15/02/2014, is an innovative and methodological didactic project which offers a four-year high school course, the only one of its kind in Tuscany. It focuses on the student and is orientated towards the world of work on an International prospective.

Considering time as a precious resource in our continuously evolving world, our school was created to meet the needs of the world of work where the present educational State system is weak.

LIQ wants to valorize individual capabilities to “turn out” adolescents well trained in understanding global dynamics and able to seize opportunities, steering them towards innovative courses through interdisciplinary and multicultural modules and integrated teaching.



In compliance with European standards, LIQ offers:

  •  Attainment of a four-year high-school diploma
  • Non-linguistic subjects taught in English 
  • A selected teaching staff composed also of professionals with an insight to the international world of work.
  • Teaching methods based on inter-discipline studying in class a single issue from the point of view of various subjects.
  • First-hand educational methods, where the students participate actively in various ways including role-play.
  • Cross-section teaching methods as opposed to the traditional ones.
  • The valorization of the individual student’s capabilities, offering the possibility of developing their own cultural and personal profile orientated towards the world of work and future challenges.

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possible courses

LIQ offers its students a scientific course with innovative features.